HINOQI TOKYO セントディスカバリーイベント& ニコラ•マニエロ写真展  ‘DETOUR’(迂回) 


HINOQI TOKYO セントディスカバリーイベント& ニコラ•マニエロ写真展 ‘DETOUR’(迂回) 

会期: 2022. 7. 16 (土) -18 (月)
時間: Open 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
会場: Tiers Gallery by arakawagrip

セントディスカバリーイベント& ニコラ•マニエロ写真展  ‘DETOUR’(迂回)
HINOQI TOKYO invites you to the product launch of our natural fragrances crafted in Japan.

Awaken the senses with a gallery event of scents and sake
+ a Photography Exhibit by Nicola Maniero


HINOQI TOKYO最初の商品となる香水と塗香が試行錯誤の末、やっと出来上がりました。ヒノキの香りをベースに天然成分のみで作られた、奥ゆかしくもユニークで新鮮な香りの香水3種類と、日本古来からお寺で清めの為に使われてきた塗香をこの機会にお試し下さい。


写真展 ‘DETOUR’(迂回)
DETOUR (迂回)は、約4年前、ニコラ・マニエロがオフィスを行き帰りする途中に始まった写真プロジェクトであり、それが彼にとって特別な習慣 – 個人的な瞑想の時間になった。いつもは歩かない道を歩いてみる、もしくは普段より目的地につくまで時間をかけてみるなど、ニコラが日々の迂回を通してとらえた瞬間は、いい意味で予期せぬものを現している。また彼は、迂回することにより、新しい次元での自己認識や目的、自分自身を深く見つめる機会が持てるようになった。今回の展示では、新宿から外苑前までの日夜の道のり、また、より広範囲での東京の探索を通して、この都市の光と影、個体と液体、白黒と色彩を表現している。その結果、活気と繊細さ、きめ細やかさと粗さ、強さと優しさのバランスが写し出されている。写真は彼にとってセルフケアの習慣でもあり、HINOQI TOKYOとのコラボレーションのきっかけとなった、あるがままの美しさの探求を展示では表現している。


Please join us for the product launch of our Solely Natural Eau de Parfum and Plant Based ZUKOH Powder Incense. Fragrances are inspired by Japan`s ancient scent rituals and crafted by local scent experts.  We are also excited to explore Tokyo through the eyes of Italian Architect and Photographer Nicola Maniero.It is the ritual of self care through photography and the exploration of raw beauty that inspired HINOQI TOKYO to invite Nicola to collaborate on this exhibit together.

DETOUR is a photographic project that evolved starting 4 years ago when Nicola Maniero`s daily commute surpassed the mundane and became a unique ritual – a personal moment of meditation.

The scenes captured in Nicola’s daily detours reveal the bright side of the unexpected — when you try to take the path less traveled or when you just allow more time to get to your destination.  A new level of self awareness, purpose, and introspection emerges. Through Nicola`s day and night journey between Shinjuku and Gaienmae and through his broader city explorations, the city is revealed in light and shadow, solid and void, monochrome and color. The result is a balance that is vibrant and subtle, clean and grainy, strong and soft. .

Nicola Maniero is an Italian architect and photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Born and raised in a small village between Venice and Padua, Italy, Nicola began a passion for photography at the age of sixteen. Two years after graduating in Architecture from the University IUAV of Venice, he moved to Tokyo in 2010. Since then, he has been working with Kengo Kuma and Associates, where he is a Chief Project Manager creating diverse projects from small villas to towers. During the 50-minute walk between home and office, his Photography became a part of his everyday life. Through his street photography, Nicola finds unexpected calm and beauty in the daily details, unique city landscapes, and ‘urban portraits,’ especially around his neighborhood district of Shinjuku.


IG: @nimanier